Fear versus faith

Her words tumbled from the receiver in to my ear, like coarse granules of sand sifting from her brain in to mine. “It’s so easy to say that things will work out the way that they are supposed too, but how are we supposed to stop worrying?”

I think we have all asked ourselves this question, whether we would consider ourselves faithful or not. We don’t necessarily have to follow religious ideals to question at which point we should let the events of our lives fall in to place, and at which point we should be fearful of the uncertainty. Unfortunately, there is not a convenient nor an easy button that we can push when life and the many changes that evolve as we live it occur.

Her question caused me to ponder my particular position, and at the time I did not have what I considered a good answer for her. Yet, as I prepared breakfast that morning and completed a few small chores around the house, I paused, to really think about what I consider when a situation comes up that I didn’t plan or prepare for.

As you may know by reading other entries in this blog, I believe that their is an ultimate plan for our lives written before we were ever created, and that the choices we make will lead us towards our God given path. Others however, don’t subscribe to this theory, and feel that through our own series of choices we create the final outcome of our lives. Either way, the primary and striking word in both thoughts is choice.

We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to dwell, and to focus on the negative. Of course, we cannot turn off our emotions. If we did, we would not be human, and we would also be lying to ourselves. Our emotions allow us to process and fully understand our human experiences, so to say that we are completely without worry and are fully trusting of an unknown plan may be a bit contradictory. But it is possible, to not quite know what is going to happen next and CHOOSE to be okay with that.

Other factors will come in to play. Finances. Financial stability. Emotional stability. The state of relationships, the state of friendships. The list is long and varying, but at the end of the day, these and other factors drive not only our decisions but the way we feel about them. We can worry, about if the money that currently sits in our bank accounts will be available next month, or if an unforeseen circumstance will cause us to have to allocate those funds elsewhere. We can stress about the state of our marriage, the nature of our friendships, or we can focus all of that energy in to making sure that no matter what the outcome of a particular situation is, we are happy because we know it is where we are supposed to be in that moment.

It may sound hard, and some may be scoffing at this post and thinking it’s impossible, but I challenge you, in those moments where you are questioning your faith, in yourself, or your fear of the unknown, to choose to be content in this stage of your life, for whatever path it takes, this season won’t last for long.



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