What dreams are made of

Certainly we have heard of the technical aspects regarding dreams.  Dreams have been described as the collection of our subconscious thoughts, those pieces of information we gather during the day that on the grand scale of our lives become categorized away, only presenting themselves when we are restfully asleep.  And so, dreams become merely explanations, easily dismissed as a collection of thoughts that really mean..well, nothing.

But when does a dream become less a collection of thoughts, and more a message from God?

I suppose, in part, that the way in which we determine whether a dream is just a “dream” or is a calling depends on our faith base. Our foundation for determining what happens to us likely classifies our dreams as well.

This morning, I woke up from an incredibly vivid dream, and felt unsettled, yet at the same time, oddly comforted by what my dream had involved.  In one particular portion, the words, “Live by His will, and understand His grace” were revealed to me. Surely that was not just a collection of my thoughts, right? I do pray daily, and multiple times per day, so His words and teachings are definitely on my mind..but a message like this just felt….


Have you ever had an experience that occurred, and after you were left in awe by it, unable to explain how you felt, other than to say that you were moved?

This dream felt that way.

It felt so big, and so real that to describe it in any other way would be to do it a disservice. It was so unsettling, in fact, that to even speak of it would feel as if I were jinxing what I was told would be set to happen.

So for now I wonder.

At what point does a dream become something more?


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