A reminder that you are worthy-a letter to a boy I’ve never met

I have never met you, but I know your name, and I have heard your story. We have never had the opportunity to speak to one another, and I find that you have already left an impression on my heart. I am writing you this letter because I have stood where you currently rest, and I want to remind you that even if it feels like you are alone in your struggle, someone on the other side of the globe is thinking about and praying for you.

My letter, to you, the boy I have never met who has left his mark on my heart.

By traditional standards, I am not considered beautiful. There are physical aspects of myself I have always wished to change. Ways that I would internally criticize myself, and markers which I would use to base myself against my peers, confirming my internal dialogue that I was not friendly, nor smart, witty nor outgoing enough. I would judge my height, a reminder that I would never be tall enough to play volleyball, or be a model. I was too short, my voice was too high pitched. My eyes were too brown. The list of my flawed features read longer than a grocery store receipt, and I was disappointed in myself.

I never felt as if I measured up.

Being a teenager is difficult. Navigating the mounting responsibilities of impending adulthood can be overwhelming, and can be even more stressful when you are battling yourself as well. Feeling as though you must be the perfect son, the perfect student, the perfect brother…it can all weigh heavy upon your heart when your heart is already incredibly conflicted.

Right now, as you stand in front of a mirror and criticize your reflection, you are likely measuring every negative. You are pointing out the flaws that seem to be so glaringly obvious to you, but invisible to everyone else. You see the exhaustion in your eyes. You are tired. Tired of feeling this way, and tired of the physical toll this is taking upon your body.

I want you to know this, and every time that you begin to doubt yourself, I want you to look back on these words and remember this incredible truth about your life.

You are so worthy. God created you in His image because there is no one like you upon the entire planet, and He knew that your presence, your personality and your physical presence, was needed on the Earth. He knew how much joy you would bring your family, especially your mother, and He knew that you were going to be the perfect role model for your brother. The same things which feel so overwhelming, which you feel like you are drowning under, are the things he created you for. And I promise, that you are not letting anyone down.

You are loved, and you make such a difference in the world. Right now, you may not realize it, but someone thousands of miles away is thinking about you. You are touching that person’s life (mine), and you are changing me for the better.

I know life is hard. I’m nearing 30, and I still question and doubt myself. I still criticize my appearance occasionally, and judge my physical imperfections. I still doubt my choice in outfit, mood, hairstyle.

But I am reminded, in the moments when I doubt myself the most, that God created me to serve a purpose on this Earth. Whatever I consider flaws, he considers perfect. He wouldn’t have me any other way, because in His eyes I am exactly who I am supposed to be. And he feels the same way about you.

So dear boy I’ve never met, I hope after reading this, you know just how much you mean to me.

I hope to meet you some day.


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