A purposeful life

For many, words are simply the tools we use to communicate. Words construct text messages and convey feelings. Words have meaning, but aren’t always meaningful.

For others, words are the instruments we use to encourage. To motivate, inspire. To change lives and change feelings.

Recently several individuals have been brought in to my life, at critical times in theirs. I have wondered, upon different occasions, how I can help them. I know that they are being introduced in to my life for a reason, but I have been unclear as to what that reason is. I have prayed, silently asking for signs and other indicators of what my purpose may be.

Then, I realized exactly what the reason was.

My words.

I have always been an awkward person in every sense. I feel like I have gangly arms and carry myself in an uncoordinated way. I have never been the most popular, nor the prettiest, but I have always been able to express myself confidently using my words.

I realized that these people were being introduced in to my life so that I could show them encouragement. I could use my words to guide them through their weakest points.

Last year, when I was facing a multitude of negative events in a seemingly never ending series, I could have benefited from the kind words and encouragement of another person. I could have felt comforted in the knowledge that negative situations and negative people do not last forever. It ‘s truly amazing what knowledge like that can do.

So, in those moments when I question my purpose for these people, I am reminded. That rather than impact with grand gestures or monetary donations, I can impact with my words.

And I’m hopeful, that if I have been able to reach, and inspire even ONE person, that I have made a difference, and lived my true purpose.



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