Hope Unfolding:A Book Review

As if sitting for a cup of coffee with a dear friend, opening the first pages of Becky Thompson’s book,  Hope Unfolding: Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma’s Heart is reminiscent of a soul- baring conversation, a true dialogue of motherhood and faith. Becky, who originally began a blog under the name Scissortail Silk, began sharing her heart and her walk with God on her blog page, inspiring and encouraging millions of mothers in the process. Becky’s heart is evident on each of the 224 pages within her book, detailing her journey from a 19 year mall employee to the wife of a pastor and author she has become.

Becky outlines her grace filled journey within the trenches of motherhood, illustrating how through piles of unfolded laundry, nights with sick children that seem to extend to an eternity and mornings where a lunch has been forgotten by mistake, she finds God in every moment. Becky explains how He is our anchor in every situation, guiding us back to Him in the moments that we feel that we are failing not only as mothers, but as women as well. As we read through her words, we feel as if we are sitting with Becky in her kitchen, with the white ceramic pitcher in the window, our hair in messy ponytails wearing the previous evening’s sweatpants as we exchange our stories of motherhood, marriage and life as a woman.

God guides us through her warm storytelling, truly using Becky as His vessel for His word. Reading her book, the grace filled woman or mother can relate to each story she shares, from the moments she found herself doubting her purpose and questioning if the path she had been lead on was the correct one for her, to tales of diapers accidentally run through the washing machine.

Becky’s book, Hope Unfolding: Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma’s Heart is a wonderful read and one I would highly recommend to my mother and other women friends. This book is a beacon of light in moments where we feel overwhelmed, reminding us that even in our most vulnerable states, God, and the grace filled momma, have the right words to guide us home.


Becky can be found online at beckythompson.com. She can be followed on instagram at https://instagram.com/scissortailsilk, and on her Facebook page Scissortail Silk.

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