To the woman who inspired me to blog


It was a day like many before it, familiar in the comfort of it’s routine. In the few moments of quiet I was able to sneak in that day, I located my smart phone and launched the blue F of my Facebook application, waiting patiently as the timeline outlining the details of my friends lives refreshed, ready to digest in small morsels. I scrolled, briefly glancing at status updates as well as newly added pictures of my friends vacations, and outings with their children. As I continued to scroll, I absentmindedly digested the information, until the title of an article commanded my attention.

“To Wives, Before You Were Mommy.”

A friend had posted this article, by a writer under the pen name Scissortail Silk. Intrigued, I clicked on the article, which launched another window. As my children played and fought with one another over the same toy in the background, I read the article, in it’s entirety. The article, which can be found here detailed how life as a mom can impact a marriage, more than we may initially realize. As a woman who, in her attempt to be the best possible mother for her children, was neglecting the husband with whom she had created this very family, the article spoke to my heart. I truly admired the way in which she had crafted this scene, how her words were so perfectly selected that they spoke not only to the matter at hand, but were timeless, so that anyone reading, whether like myself in that moment, or in the future, would feel the same emotions that I had felt. I loved her writing style, and eager for more words of empowerment and encouragement, I typed her name in to the search bar on Facebook.

I began to follow her Facebook page on that day, and I am so glad I did. Scissortail Silk, who is also known as Becky Thompson, is an inspiring author and daughter of God. She uses the talents she was blessed with to empower others, relating her experiences as a mother to her relationship with God. She has inspired many others and when, after a major life change, I considered blogging, she inspired me as well.

Typically when we message someone who is well known, we expect little, knowing that while they may view our message, they likely won’t respond. I wrote, on a whim, which was very much unlike what I typically do, to Becky one day, asking for advice about how I may be successful starting a new blog. To my surprise, she responded back immediately. Her gracious heart even reached out to me directly, in the form of a voicemail. She then wrote me another message as well, all to ensure I would be successful.

I believe honestly that God brings every situation and person in to our lives for reasons He knows. In that moment, on the brink of a new adventure, he brought Becky in to my life, for the second time. The first time, she taught me how to better balance my life as both a mother and a wife. This time, she was helping me on a new career path. God knew when I needed her words, and He delivered.

I am so thankful for her, and if she is reading this, I hope she knows just how much I appreciate her. I hope she knows that I want to be as grace filled as she is, and that if I can be even as remotely successful as she is, that I will have considered this blogging journey worth it.

You can find Becky on Facebook at

Twitter @scissortailsilk

And on her website,




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