Letting Go

Today I come before you, typing these words on to my computer screen and yours, pouring my heart and my self on to this canvas, asking you to allow me to be completely vulnerable.

While writing allows me to express myself, it also terrifies me. By sharing my words and personal stories with you I am opening myself to criticism, and that can be frightening, to say the least.

As I type, I think about what I am going to post. How my words may impact others. I wonder where my words find you. Are you reading my posts late at night, awake with your child who refuses to go to sleep…or go back to sleep? Are you reading them during one of your few moments of quiet during the day? What state of your life do my words find you in? Are you experiencing a major life transition? Are my words helping you?

I wonder all of these things as I type, pouring my soul on to the page and across the expanse of social media. As I look to share my words with others, I am also watching as I distribute pieces of myself in to the world for you to read.  Running a blog is very similar to raising a child I believe. As you raise your children, watching them grow from infants in to young adults, you are letting a portion of yourself go, with each milestone they achieve. Isn’t that fascinating? Motherhood is a balancing act of holding your children tighter and also letting them venture in to the world, creating their own independence.

So too, is running a blog. With each post I share with you, with each word I write, I am reliving these experiences, remembering the emotions I felt, and I am also giving them away.

Blogging has been scary and also beautiful. I am honored to get to write on a regular basis, and it brings me joy.

Friends, whatever stage or moment of your life this post finds you in, I hope that my words are reaching you. I hope you can benefit from my experiences and my encouragement. Know that you are not alone in this moment or stage of your life. The negative moments will get better. The joyful experiences will abound.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to give a part of myself away. I appreciate you all.

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