The Warrior

warShe is a warrior, her battlefield is the breakfast table. She fights cries of dissatisfaction at breakfasts that are incorrect, too little syrup poured on pancakes, the wrong item given to the picky child. She fills and refills spilled cups of juice and milk, wipes away crumbs with her weapon of choice, the sponge, and brings her two smallest soldiers to the finish line of the war, bellies full and hearts content.

She is a fighter, her enemy the drop off line. She waits impatiently as the vehicles slow to a crawl, dispensing little bodies from car seats and “big kid” seats, setting forth these adventurers in to their classrooms. She unhooks seat straps, gently guides her child from her vehicle to the sidewalk in one swift movement, and readjusts back pack straps, hats and coat zippers.  She walks her child to the front door, the drop off point, navigating through other parents and clusters of children chattering, fighting the clock, a victor against time as her child enters the building mere moments before classes commence for the day.

She is a protector, her watchful eye scanning the playground for any potential objects that could cause harm. She inspects the slides, the stairs of the playground equipment. She glances over the other children on the playground, the manner in which they interact with others, judging how they may interact with hers. She waits patiently, as her children play, following their paths with her eyes, ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

She is a teacher, her nights spent next to her child at the dinner table, reviewing homework assignments and reading passages from books, quizzing her child on subject content. She is the dispenser of numbers and correct word pronunciation, of meanings of words and colors of objects. Her lessons extend beyond the classroom, beyond the homework. She teaches her children to be kind, to love with grace. She teaches them to apologize when necessary, when feelings are hurt or body parts are scraped accidentally.  She teaches them to be grateful, to appreciate everything they are given, and to realize others are not as fortunate. She teaches them strength, and instills in her children courage.

She is a warrior, her life an every day battle. She fights exhaustion, and at times frustration, carrying forward always, the protector, all things to others. Her little army counts on her, and so she fights, to provide her children with the best possible childhood she can.

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