On Writing

I’ll be honest..when I considered beginning this blog, the thought was intimidating..daunting in fact. What would I write about? What if the posts I chose to share with everyone were disliked, possibly even hated? To this point, the only writing I had shared with a public audience were the articles I wrote in high school, but those entries were written in a completely different context, formatted and set to a specific subject matter. I have never been completely open and raw with my emotions, and it was a scary idea, but I decided to go forward, venturing in to the new world of blogging.

I’m so glad that I, with the support and encouragement of my husband began writing, and have remained active with this page. Sharing my thoughts with everyone has been such a rewarding experience, and I hope to make this page larger, and more interactive. If you follow this page, please read through the current posts. Share your thoughts with me below! I would love to be able to speak to an even larger audience, writing about not only my life, but about what you would like to see as well.

Thank you so much for following me on this journey so far!typewriter

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