Dear Husband: A Letter

We have known each other for years and yet to me you are still a mystery. You reveal to me new facets of your personality in the way that you respond to situations, the compassion you show our children, and the drive you possess, setting your mind to large goals and accomplishing them with ease.

Your voice is deep, but you are quiet in the way that you love, the manner in which you show your appreciation. You have never felt comfortable with outward displays of affection and I have embraced that you don’t speak your love with your words, but with your actions. You are a constant source of strength for your family, including me. You provide encouragement when I am questioning myself as a wife, mother and person. You are a shoulder to lean on when life has wearied me to the point of utter exhaustion. You are firm, and yet gentle with our children, shaping our two boys in to the men that they will one day become, men I hope are exactly like you. You support us, allowing us to pursue our dreams, and you sacrifice for us, your time and your energy, because you love us so much.

You have taught me about wisdom, and how to view the positive in every situation. When I want to be angry with the world, you remind me that everything happens for a reason, and that every circumstance is shaping me in to the person I am supposed to be. You have carried me through the most difficult year of my life, quietly waiting, knowing when I needed you and when I wanted to be alone, allowing me to recover on my timetable. You have loved me at my absolute worst, and you have never given up on me.

I know I am difficult, and cannot be easy to love. You accepted me when I was flawed, jaded by past experiences that taught me to question the meaning of the word forever and a person’s true intentions. You taught me to trust, and helped me to learn to love again. You have supported me as a wife and a mother, praising me always.

You are my best friend and for you I am grateful.  At this stage, w12219377_496187047226534_2520361866600854778_ne are passing each other in the early hours of morning and late hours of night, raising our children and often not focusing on ourselves, but we still love each other as deeply as we did in our life before children. Soon, these moments will pass, and we will be in a new season of our lives. I am glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with you, my dear husband.


Your Wife

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