The Darkest Hours

c8173d8ace0635f0887fbe573d2f74a9It has been a busy day. She has been tending to the children, her home, life. She pauses for a moment, a rarity in these conditions. She is always on the go, and though she may not be physically doing work outside of the home, she is always working. So for this moment, albeit brief, she picks up her smartphone, to take a glimpse in to the rest of the world continuing to function around her. She taps on the ever familiar blue box that launches her social media application of choice, and watches as a small wheel turns, indicating the page is refreshing itself. At once, the highlights of the day appear on the screen before her. Images appear, of weather conditions in states across the country. She has friends spread across the United States, and some are as close as the walkway that separates her from her neighbor. Entertaining cartoons are posted as well, in addition to recipes, articles on topics ranging from anything sports related to hot topic issues fill the screen as well. As she quickly thumbs through the stories, she sees the post.

The post that grounds her back to the reality of her life. Of how, in a brief moment, everything can change. It’s not her post, but she can relate so deeply to how the person feels that it is almost as if she wrote it herself. It is a post of loss. Of how a person can be shaped by the events that create their universe, their reality, to the point that when these events are negative, the entire mold of the person is shattered, and a new foundation, of a changed person, has to be constructed in it’s place.

She is all too familiar with loss. The loss of innocence. The painful understanding of how you never think something will happen to you, until it does. And if it happens again, how you begin to question what you did to deserve a fate so unlucky, a life strewn with negativity and pain. The loss of happiness. She understands that feeling as well. Pain changes people. Even the most positive person, when afflicted with pain, can become jaded. She has tried not to let her circumstances affect her being, but when everything feels like it is a falling apart in a never ending succession, the optimistic outlook feels foolish at best.

She feels the weight of the year bearing all upon her at once, and she puts her phone down. Her heart aches, not only for the loss of the other person, but for herself as well. Some days, everything she has endured can feel so heavy, so overwhelming, that she is surprised she has made it this far, and is still standing. She’s come out.

On the other side.

Life, on the other side of happiness. On the other side of despair. This is her journey, and she’s ready to combat whatever she may face. And come out on the other side. A fighter.


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